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At Frasco Fuel Oil, our professionals want to help your tank reach peak efficiency with routine tank changeovers and tune-ups. When your tank is in top condition, your energy consumption and therefore energy bills may be reduced.

System tune-up

Every home heating system despite the type accumulates dust, dirt and other particles that may affect its performance. This leads to increased utility bills. Our professionals will come in for a tune-up and clean any grime or dirt and ensure all parts are in good working condition. Therefore, when it’s time to turn on your heat for the season, you can be confident everything is working properly.

The main benefits of having one of our professionals come in for a tune-up are:

  • Improved system performance & lower heating costs
  • Reduced risk of system failure
  • Preventative maintenance on any parts - preventative maintenance always costs less than emergency repairs

Oil Tank Changeovers

If you’re thinking about updating your oil tank, it’s important you contact a professional about the safety and impact of making the switch. Our professionals have extensive expertise with oil tank changeovers and will be able to provide you with additional options than what you have.

Additionally, we are aware that cost may be a factor. We will provide you with the most energy efficient and cost saving options to help you make a decision. 

Thermo Pride Parts

While regular tune-ups and repairs are important, it’s also beneficial to have high-quality products and parts. At Frasco Fuel Oil, we use parts from Thermo Pride, which are rated some of the best in the industry. Their parts are up to date on all technological advancements and product refinements so you can be confident you’re receiving the best in the industry.

Thermo Pride products are continuously refined and developed making our professionals confident that these products are designed to last.