Frasco Fuel Oil is a family owned and operated,
full service, home heating oil dealer. 

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Welcome to Frasco Fuel Oil

At Frasco Fuel Oil, our professionals are aware that there’s more to heating your home than just buying fuel. Therefore, we make professional service and customer satisfaction a priority. Our experts provide friendly customer service and take the time to provide you with any needed information regarding your heating system needs.

We provide home heating oil, diesel, and kerosene for residential properties and will deliver directly to you. Additional services for Massachusetts properties include:

  • Furnace repairs
  • Tune-ups
  • Tank changeovers
  • Maintenance checks

We are always accepting new clients and as a full service discount oil dealer serving Western MA, you can count on us that your oil will be delivered despite the weather!

We have been serving the Western Massachusetts area since 1984 and are available for any of your oil, diesel or kerosene needs.

Call us today at 413-734-3578



At Frasco Fuel Oil, our professionals want to help your tank reach peak efficiency with routine tank changeovers and tune-ups. When your tank is in top condition, your energy consumption and therefore energy bills may be reduced.

System tune-up

Every home heating system despite the type accumulates dust, dirt and other particles that may affect its performance. This leads to increased utility bills. Our professionals will come in for a tune-up and clean any grime or dirt and ensure all parts are in good working condition. Therefore, when it’s time to turn on your heat for the season, you can be confident everything is working properly.

The main benefits of having one of our professionals come in for a tune-up are:

  • Improved system performance & lower heating costs
  • Reduced risk of system failure
  • Preventative maintenance on any parts - preventative maintenance always costs less than emergency repairs


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